Company Profile :

Kulkasindo has been manufacturing high quality stainless steel kitchen equipment for over 28 years. We identify customer needs through our products; all products are designed with durability, deadlines and affordability in mind.

In many countries like Indonesia, the protection of food for consumers requires stringent hygiene and safety standards. Along with the discovery of new technology, manufactures have become "the proof" of highly sensitive processes.
With this technological developments and based on our expertise experience, we offer our customers reliable solutions that corresponds to their professional needs.

In Kulkasindo, we specialized in producing stainless steel fabrication, commercial refrigerator and cold storage. Our designs are self-produced and fabricated with high quality stainless steel material according to quality standard. Other than our 22 known types, designs and standards, we are continually trying to improve ourself and services for consumers.

In addition, we also provide customization of our products to suit customers' wants and needs.

Our products have been well received and widely used in Indonesia with clients including Padang restaurant "Sederhana", Japanese restaurant "Hanamasa", "Prodia" laboratory, "Husada" hospital, "Atmajaya" hospital, "PT. Asahimas Subentra Chemical" chemical company,"PT. Lotte Indonesia",and the list goes on.

We hope that this profile acts as an invitation to get in touch and work with us.

Despite our small but growing organization we believe in " Quality Achievements" through the success of our customers.


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