Frequent Asked Question :

Q: Do you produce any customize order(s) ?
A: Yes, we accept any kind of order as long it can be handled by our tools and machines.

Q: Do you sell / buy second hand product(s) ?
A: No, we only produce and sell new product. If you want to sell/buy second hand product, you can leave your
phone/fax number to us and we will help you for any available information that comes to us.

Q: Do you do servicing ?
A: Yes, only for our production (Kulkasindo labeled).

Q: How about after sales service ?
A: We will get to you in 24 hours (excluding holiday)

Q: Do you produce non-s/steel-based product(s) ?
A: No, we only make s/steel-based product except cold storage. We have ColorBond instead for Cold Storage.


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